The Summit of Cheap Laser Graphics is a manifestation that gathers creative people from the fields of design, illustration, comic books and architecture with a goal to promote and affirm design and kindred media in non-market contexts. Today we’re never better! Your work, your personal expression at this moment is - never better! All of this we can’t claim for sure because most of us still does not have sufficient historical distance from our personal past to be able to make the right judgement, and the future remains uncertain. Even if we had the historical distance to compare our personal past with the present moment we would be too old to judge properly and reach a fair conclusion. If we also consider that most likely (although this is also uncertain) there is no life after death... then it’s clear that now we’re better off than ever, and better than it ever could be.. 
Type : Suisse Works Bold 21 / 29,7 cm 
QUARTIER GENERAL, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, 18.05.2017
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